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Calista Pappas

MY PERSONAL MANTRA. “Believe to achieve.”

A PERSON WHO INSPIRES ME. Everyone always says, "follow your dreams!" But not everyone does it. I have always channeled the passion of those who do and make a career out of it. There's a scene in the film Up in the Air where George Clooney's character, Ryan while firing J.K. Simmons's character, Bob realizes he isn't buying the platitudes spouted upon him, and helps him see inspiration in his unexpected transition...

Ryan: "You know why kids love athletes?"

Bob: "I don't' know because they screw lingerie models."

Ryan: "No, that's why WE love athletes. Kids love athletes because they follow their dreams."

While many of us won't ever be able to dunk from a free-throw line, or hit a 100 mph fastball out of Wrigley Field, being witness to such actions ignites a fire inside us. It opens our eyes as wide as a child, and invites the roar of the crowd into our hearts as fuel for our own personal dreams.

As entrepreneurs, we may not share the likeness of an athlete's physical prowess, but we can certainly relate to their passion and learn from their pursuance to follow their dreams.

...the best dreams happen, when you're awake!

MY FAVORITE MEAL. Oh my gosh, I could go on and on! My heart still hurts a little bit when somebody bakes a fresh loaf of bread, cookies, and pancakes. I am a big-time gummy bear fan too. 

IN MY GYM BAG YOU WILL FIND. Phone, foam roller, resistance bands, headphones, water bottle, vlogging camera, chalk, weight belt, wrist straps, and more.  

ON MY REST DAY. Rest! I tend to stay at home and relax. I take the time to get organized and mentally prepare for the coming week.  

MY MOTIVATION COMES FROM. My subscribers. I strive to wake up every day and become better than my very best. That is my motivation.

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