We communicate our sustainability efforts with honesty, transparency, authenticity, and integrity. We educate, inspire, and challenge our communities to become leaders in sustainability. We must unite as conscious consumers.

Our Footprint. Respond Fitness holds sustainability at its core. Our collection of products are hand finished to reduce environmental impacts and improve sustainable performance. We are deeply connected to innovative and sustainable materials and how each process is elevating one another. We aim to create healthier environments by inspiring positive change through mindful choices, innovation, and collaboration. 

Climate and Energy. We partner with our vendors to uphold legal, humane, and ethical standards of production while caring for the environment and communities. To maintain our standards, we assess potential partners before engaging in a business partnership and work with them on an ongoing basis through regular follow-ups. We embrace social, environmental, and economic health in every part of our organization and our global communities. 

Packaging and Waste. We have a sustainable packaging policy in place to only choose preferred materials, and ensure our packaging is fully recyclable. Through great partnerships, plastic packaging is 88% recyclable and all raw material products are resold or donated, to ensure our packaging is fully recyclable at end of life.