Respond Fitness Complete Stretching Routine Program
Respond Fitness Complete Stretching Routine Program
Respond Fitness Complete Stretching Routine Program
Respond Fitness Complete Stretching Routine Program

Respond Fitness Complete Stretching Routine Program

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Take on the challenge and train like a Respond athlete. For those of you who want a premium training experience, our Athletes are here to provide you with a little 1-1 help.


The workouts in this Complete Stretching Routine Program include dynamic compound movements, ballistic, static, PNF and passive stretching all which can improve your flexibility to help you sculpt your upper body to your lower body musculature, influencing how your body can generate strength and stability power.

Note: *We recommend you use this guide in conjunction with Respond Fitness “VIBE AND FLOW YOGA PROGRAM, COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS CONDITIONING PROGRAM, and CARDIO AND ABS” in order ensure the best results.


They’ve put their expertise and techniques into the plans and tutorials; all you need to focus on is getting in the reps. Whatever stage of your fitness journey you’re at, discover the workout motivation you need to push you to the next level and conquer your workout and fitness goals. WHAT WILL YOU BE TRAINING FIRST?


  • As soon as you purchase an eBook, a PDFs file will be directly sent to your email address.
  • The Science Explained by a certified (ACSM) Personal Trainer: Benefits of STRETCHING PROGRAM training.
  • Step by step video tutorials for each exercise, no surprises here.
  • 4-5 Workout Sessions per a week and HIIT, Abs, and Glute exercises included.
  • 45-55 Minute training session. Difficulty: Intermediate.
  • Gym Equipment Suggested. Hip Resistance Band, Long Resistance Band, Ankle Straps, Barbell Pad.
  • Access to a private, Instagram and Facebook community forum to provide you support and guidance.
  • Awesome playlists for Respond Insiders on Spotify, search “complete stretching routine program” to blast the beats.
  • A priceless gift for any fitness fanatic in your life or recovering from injury for home physiotherapy exercises.
  • We ship directly from USA. Free shipping on all orders $50+.

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